Digital Creation Stations Grant

As we talked about in the webinars, the application for the mini-grant is ready!
The deadline to apply is January 30, but earlier submissions are really welcome.  Rural libraries are encouraged to apply.
Think about your plan for programs/use, partners, etc. and your ability to spend the money in the limited timeframe, and willingness to attend training in 2013 and share your successes with others.

Remember, only some libraries will get this extra funding for the Digital Creation Station.

There has been one change, the AWE Early Literacy computers will require a local match of $500-$700 (dependent on how many folks want them).  These are all-in-one computers that require no Internet connection and are preloaded with educational software. You can check them out at:  

To apply for the Digital Creation grant, go to:

Only one application per jurisdiction!

To have a peek a the equipment lists and kit possibilities, check out:

For more information about libraries making Creation Stations, check out these links:

If you have ANY questions about the equipment, please feel free to email me.  I am very excited that Colorado libraries will be getting this equipment and am more than happy to answer questions.

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